Business Consulting
Best practices in use for meeting the company’s specific needs. Strategic planning. Clarifying the mission, vision, values of the company. Changing management system and quality.
Judical Protection
Legal advice and services related to the clarification and protection of the rights and obligations of the customer in all branches of law.
Tax law, EAEU Legislation
Study of tax and customs legislation, consulting provision of legal opinion.
Property law and construction
Judicial and extrajudicial settlement of issues related to property ownership.


Legal service is a challenge in the modern world. On the way of solving legal problems, companies find themselves in an extremely difficult, almost insoluble situation. The value of the problem sometimes implies the presence of a business.

In practice, our clients in such situations trust us with the solution of their most difficult problems. Their problems are considered in a complete and deep perspective, on the bases of which effective solutions are put forward. By effectively cooperating with clients, we quickly overcome the existing obstacles and register really valuable results.

LEGALART the art of law
իրավաբանական ընկերություն

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Arthur Martirosyan

CEO, Senior partner, Attorney

Arsen Petrosyan

Partner, Economist, Attorney

Gevorg Karapetyan

Partner, Economist, Lawer

David Azizyan

Partner, Attorney

Arman Martirosyan

Head of office, lawyer

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In this section you will find questions frequently asked by our clients.

    What are the guarantees of protection of creditors’ rights in case of reorganization of a legal entity?

    It is necessary to be guided by Article 66 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, according to which the founders of a legal entity or an external manager who made a decision on the reorganization of a legal entity are required to notify the creditors of the reorganized legal entity in writing. The Creditor Of The reorganized legal entity has the right to demand additional guarantees for the fulfillment of obligations or to terminate the reorganization or the obligation of early execution. If the dividing balance of the reorganized legal entity does not make it possible to determine the legal successor of the reorganized legal entity, then the newly formed legal entities are jointly and severally liable to its creditors for the obligations of the reorganized legal entity.

    Can an organization quote contracts in foreign currency?

    It is necessary to be guided by Article 6 of the RA Law “On Currency Regulation and Control”, according to which, in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, monetary quotations for the sale of goods (property), the provision of services wages and other payments equivalent to it, the valuation of property and the performance of works, the use of property are carried out in drams of the Republic of Armenia, with the exception of cases provided for by law.

    Which symbols can be registered as a trademark?

    It is necessary to be guided by Part 1 of Article 8 of the RA law ‘’ On Trademarks”, according to which symbols that have the possibility of graphic representation can be registered as trademarks, in particular words, phrases, names or slogans, letters or numbers, drawings, images or symbols, three-dimensional images, such as the appearance of goods or their packaging ( containers), holograms, colors, combinations or compositions of colors, sound signals and any combinations thereof.

    Is the organization obligated to withhold tax in case of acquisition of a land of public importance from the individual ?

    It is necessary to be guided by Article 147 of the RATax Code, according to which the Amounts To be received from the alienation of a land plot belonging to an individual (regardless of the purpose of the land plot) are considered deductible income from the point of view of taxation, therefore legal entity paying income to an individual does not act as tax agent, therefore, does not withhold income tax from the amounts paid to an individual .