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  • Study of trademark legislation, provision of legal advice,  providing a conclusion.
  • Assistance in trademark registration.
  • Collection and completion of trademark documents.
  • Preparation And organization of franchising, trademark assignment agreements, purchase and sale agreements and trade license agreements, trademark use agreements.
  • Organization of trademark’s international registration.
  • Registration of a foreign trademark in the Republic of Armenia.
  • Protection of trademarks from illegal use, including submission of applications for suspension to the Customs authorities of the Republic of Armenia and registration of trademarks in the register of the Republic of Armenia Customs authorities.
  • Protection Of the rights of the trademark owner, representation in trademark disputes, including judicially.
  • Disputes over illegal trademark registration.
  • Drafting of agreements on copyright, license and creation of a work.
  • Development of a strategy and conducting negotiations for resolving disputes on copyright and related rights.
  • Restoration of violated rights.
  • Creation and their implementation of effective solutions for the protection of copyright and related rights.
  • Providing of a legal opinion on copyright and related property and non-property rights, on their violation.
  • Representation on copyright and related rights issues in relations with other organizations and authorities.
  • Judicial protection of copyrights and related rights.

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