Judical Protection In Criminal and Anti-corruption Cases

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Aims  and Targets:

– The protection of the all rights and legitimate interests of our clients guaranteed by the European Convention “On the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”, the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and the criminal law of the Republic of Armenia.

– The identification and recognition of all possible circumstances and facts that refute the accusations made against our clients and their grounds.

– The acquisition of evidence exculpatory or mitigating circumstances and procedural coercion measures for our clients as defendants.

Our lawyers perform /provide the following services:

  • Protection of the client’s interests, advisory and legal assistance during the preliminary investigation.
  • Development, construction and implementation of the client’s defense tactics at different stages of the criminal proceedings (in the preliminary investigation proceedings, in the proceedings of the first instance, appellate and Cassation Courts).
  • The participation in interrogations, counter-inquiries, searches and other administrative actions.
  • Collecting, verifying, evaluating and presenting evidence to the relevant authority or court conducting the proceedings in order to confirm or deny factual and other circumstances that are essential for the criminal proceedings.
  • Collection of various types of references, characteristics essential for the protection of the client’s interests and attachment to the proceedings materials, obtaining various documents from state and local self-government bodies, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, obtaining professional and expert opinions, preparing and submitting legal requests, etc.
  • Counseling meeting with the client at the places of arrest or detention.
  • Appealing the actions and decisions of the Client’s administrative body or the body conducting proceedings in favor of the client.
  • Acquaintance with all materials of the proceedings, obtaining copies of them, their study and analysis, preparation of preliminary and main data summaries.

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