Business Consulting

  • Management consulting. Best practices in use for meeting the company’s specific needs. Strategic planning. Clarifying the mission, vision, values of the company. Changing management system and quality. Initiating mergers or acquisitions if necessary. Business alliances formation.
  • Improving Business processes. Diagnostics of existing processes. Introduction of effective innovations in business processes. Substantive identification of complex operations, refinement and clarification of those responsible for the processes.
  • Development of the strategy. Specific individual and customized solutions adapted to the needs of the client, which provide real results and stable growth. Clarification of the company’s problems, assessment of the business environment of the organization, defining specific business goals. Development of a roadmap for a strategic action plan.
  • Improving performance. Innovative and effective approaches that are in use aimed at revenue growth, increasing profit limits, as well as the most successful presentation of services and goods offered on the market.
  • Outsourcing. Assessment of the company’s market opportunities and needs, organization of the provision of such functions as marketing, management of individual programs, sales organization, negotiation, legal and accounting work, etc.
  • Project management. Design, planning, implementation, monitoring and control of projects. Project’s final and proper results assistance. 
  • Quality assurance and control. Development of a preventive and corrective action plan. Assuring the international quality management standards and preparation of a third party for quality certification.
  • Startup business’s support. Business strategy development, testing, approval and realization. Financial and operational planning and development. Investor’s and founder’s professional guidance and managerial function undertake. 

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