Property Law and construction

Property Law and construction

The procedure for issuing permits and other documents for the purpose of development in the Republic of Armenia was approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia on 03/19/2015 by Decision No.596-N.The granting of building permits is a three stage process and consists of the stages of design permit (or architectural planning assignment), a construction permit and the issuance of a Final Act or an operating permit. A design permit or architectural and planning assignment is a document that establishes mandatory requirements, conditions and restrictions for the design submitted to this object of urban planning activity. An application for the issuance of a design permit by the competent authority is rejected in the following cases:

1)if the application contains such indicators ( conditions) that contradict the requirements of the spatial planning documents of this territory or urban planning, environmental, sanitary hygienic, firefighting and other regulatory documentations.

2) if there is a negative professional opinion of the authorized body in the field of historical and cultural monuments.

3) if there is a negative conclusion of other authorized state administration bodies authorized to coordinate the task by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

4)if a reasonable refusal is submitted to the competent authority on the provision of technical specifications by supplier organizations.